Job adverts minus the bias and prejudice.

Being inclusive with your hiring starts with the words you use in job adverts. AdGrader makes it easy to create adverts that attract diverse talent, eliminate inequality and help you recruit with a conscience.

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Create inclusive job adverts that support equality.

AdGrader’s technology helps companies to quickly uncover bias in their job adverts, and recommend suggested neutral alternatives. We help our clients create brilliant inclusive job adverts that talk to a truly diverse audience.

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Remove bias
from your job adverts.

The words and language you use in job adverts matters to your potential applicants. If they contain any unconscious bias then your perfect hire might not send you their CV.

AdGrader uncovers any bias in your job adverts and flags every gender-coded or exclusionary term and suggests neutral synonyms to one-click replace them with, which means you create bias-free inclusive job adverts that speak to a truly diverse audience.

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Make your adverts easier to read and understand.

Making your job adverts accessible to a diverse audience is a huge factor for inclusivity. AdGrader’s readability score helps you focus on comprehension issues that might prevent your perfect hire from really understanding what your role is about and put them off applying.

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How AdGrader does it.

Want to see AdGrader in action?

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy AdGrader is to use and how simply you’ll be able to ensure that all of your job adverts are fully inclusive.

Trusted by companies across the world.

Who realised that they needed to improve how they wrote their job adverts to make more inclusive and appealing to a diverse audience, so that they could support more underrepresented talent. AdGrader helped them achieve that.

job adverts
“[AdGrader] don’t claim to have all the answers or an overnight magical solution but are committed to developing the much-needed technology that educates and supports recruiters to do more when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.”

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Jo Major
Founder, Diversity in Recruitment

See how AdGrader will transform your job advert performance.

Use AdGrader to remove any unconscious bias from your job adverts and see the number of applications to your roles increase.

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