5 Creative Job Posting Examples to Attract a Diverse Range of Applicants

If you want to attract a diverse range of talented candidates for your clients, you need to know how to write an inclusive job posting.

Make no bones about it, diversity matters.

It’s ethical and it even makes business sense.

In fact, many studies demonstrate that diverse workplaces outperform their non-diverse counterparts.

For example, McKinsey & Company study revealed that businesses in the top quartile for gender diversity in executive teams financially outperformed other businesses by 21%.

Knowing this, recruiters should be prioritising diversity and inclusion from the jump.

It’ll not only make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it’ll also keep your clients coming back for more.

To put yourself in the best possible position to attract ideal candidates, you must ensure that every job ad you post is:

– Creative, interesting and inviting.

– Inclusive, honest and welcoming to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.

In this article, I’ll showcase some of the best creative job posting examples the AdGrader team has come across and explain why they’re working so well.


How to Write an Inclusive Job Posting

Why Diversity Matters

Diversity in the workplace has a proven positive impact on employees, making them happier and raising their performance levels.

But even before we reach the workplace, diversity is extremely important.

Why? 🤔

Because a recruitment agency with inclusive hiring practices will outperform competitors every time, connecting qualified people with their dream jobs and cutting out anything that could be exclusionary.

When diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets, inclusive recruitment is key.

Don’t be a careless recruiter.

Whether you do it yourself or enlist our help, make sure you end up with a job posting that welcomes everyone.

After all, 61% of employees believe diversity and inclusion strategies to be two things:

1. Beneficial.

2. Essential.

Writing an Inclusive Job Advert

So, we know what NOT to do.

But how do we go about creating an inclusive job advert?

Generally speaking, it’s all about making the candidate feel comfortable.

Not just with the words you use, but also the actions you take and the effort you make.

First things first, chat with your clients about including a strong diversity statement as standard on their job adverts.

Consider using AdGrader to rank your job adverts on inclusivity and highlight any issues.

Start advertising on diversity job boards, directly expressing your inclusive commitments to minority candidates.

And finally, take the following creative job posting examples as your gold standard and run with them… 🌟

Creative and Inclusive Job Posting Examples

It’s time to explore exactly what makes a job posting creative, inclusive and inviting to jobseekers.

I’ve gathered five solid examples and explained exactly why they’re the real McCoy.

Example 1: H&M 👗

Introducing H&M 👋

Founded in Sweden, H&M is now a global clothing and homeware company with 5,000 stores in 74 different countries and 126,000 full-time employees.

H&M is the second-largest global clothing retailer, coming in behind Inditex (the parent company of a range of brands including Zara, Stradivarius and Pull&Bear).

This job posting, in particular, is for a permanent part-time contract as a Sales Advisor for H&M Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

What Works? 👌

  • Well-structured and readable – Unlike some job adverts, this H&M posting doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming too wordy or over-long, putting candidates off and resulting in them losing interest mid-way through. Instead, it’s well-structured and broken up by regular headings. It’s also very readable because the longest paragraph is four lines and contains plenty of bulleted lists.
  • Includes multimedia element to capture candidate attention – Unlike many job listings, H&M brings in a multimedia element in the form of some videos for candidates to peruse. They’re placed at the end of the ad, so they don’t feel invasive or over-the-top, but they still do two things very well: Add visual interest and keep the candidate engaged and on the site for longer.
  • Large, noticeable red button for expressing interest – Again, visual interest appears, this time in the form of two big red buttons for expressing interest in the role. These strong pops of colour naturally draw your eye, making candidates more likely to take the leap. Who can resist a big red button?
  • Location and job details bolded for emphasis – At the top, H&M gets all of the key details out of the way, from the hours to the location. This enables candidates to know immediately whether the job will be suitable for them or not. And if it is, this creative job posting example gives them certainty. H&M knows that leaving important questions unanswered is a sure-fire way to reduce the applicant pool.

Example 2: Waste Creative 🎨

Introducing Waste Creative 👋

Founded in 2006, Waste Creative is a fan-first creative agency, helping entertainment businesses with design, strategy, SEO, technology and more.

In 2021, Waste Creative was named the Best Place to Work by Campaign, and in The Drum World Creative Rankings 2021, the company was among the Top 10 Most Awarded Agencies.

This Waste Creative job posting is based in London, and it’s a full-time position as a Junior Motion Graphics Designer.

What Works? 👌

  • Bold, well-phrased job title – For one, the position title of this job posting stands out. It’s the strongest visual on the entire page, so candidates know exactly what job advert they’re looking at. For two, the job title itself is pitch-perfect. In other words, it’s specific enough to attract knowledgeable candidates, but not so specific that it wouldn’t show up in the Google searches of job seekers.
  • Simple application submission form presented on the page – Waste Creative’s job posting makes it super easy for applicants by popping a short, sweet and simple application form right there on the page. Applying is less than a click away, and it looks so easy. Who could resist?
  • Key Waste Creative values bolded for emphasis, pulling candidate attention – Many people looking for a job in 2021 want to know that their employer will share their values on diversity, inclusion and respect. By bolding and emphasising their values (‘Be Brave’, ‘Own Your Shit’, ‘Make it Better’ and ‘Be Kind’), Waste Creative shows that it’s a relatable, friendly place to work.
  • Clear, no-nonsense headings breaking up the text – The headings used in this job advert tell the candidate exactly what they want to know. They’re points of action, and they’re very straightforward. You’ll have this, you’ll do this, you’ll get this, no time wasted. There’s nothing that a busy jobseeker appreciates more than clarity and simplicity.

Example 3: Unilever🌎

Introducing Unilever 👋

Unilever is almost certainly a brand you’ve heard of, but did you know that Unilever is killing the recruitment game, too?

2.5 billion people use Unilever products every day, and the parent company owns a huge amount of food, personal care and home care brands, including but not limited to:

  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • Dove
  • Lynx
  • Marmite
  • PG Tips
  • Pot Noodle
  • Simple
  • Sure
  • Vaseline

This creative job posting example is advertising a role in Unilever’s Research and Development department.

The company is looking to hire an Assistant Statistician, based in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.

What Works? 👌

  • Pops of colour add interest to the page – Unilever’s job adverts are more colourful than most, combining a bright and emphasising header with an eye-catching sidebar and a rainbow of related content at the bottom of the page. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes of jobseekers.
  • Strong diversity statement allows candidates to feel welcome and safe – This posting ends with a strong, clear diversity statement from Unilever, expressing that, “Diversity at Unilever is about inclusion, embracing differences, creating possibilities and growing together for better business performance. We embrace diversity in our workforce.”
  • The apply now button is repeated at the top and bottom of the posting – By placing the apply button after the initial info and at the end of the listing, it becomes more eye-catching and easier to navigate.
  • Links to related content and similar jobs keep candidates on the site – One of the strongest things that this job advert does is provide the candidate with interesting and engaging surrounding content, from the suggestions in the sidebar of ‘Similar Jobs’ to the related links to pages focused on working with Unilever. It’s simple; give them more to look at, and they’ll stay on your site longer.

Example 4: Asda 🛒

Introducing Asda 👋

Asda is a popular British supermarket chain and the third-largest in the UK (behind Tesco and Sainsbury’s).

The company was founded 72 years ago in Wakefield and currently employs around 165,000 people.

Asda has several different store types:

  • Asda Supercentres
  • Asda Superstores
  • Asda Supermarkets
  • Asda Living Stores (homeware)
  • George Stores (clothing)
  • Asda Petrol (fully automated stations)

This particular Asda opening is for a temporary part-time role as a Customer Delivery Driver, based in Bedminster, Bristol.

What Works? 👌

  • Exact location emphasised – The map to the left of the main text emphasises the exact location of this Bedminster store so that candidates can see where they’ll be working and assess whether the opportunity is right for them. Location specificity is very important to jobseekers and being exact about location prevents wasted time on both ends.
  • Multimedia element included to capture candidate attention – Like H&M, Asda includes an informative video element to keep candidates engaged and break up the text and black-and-white of the listing itself. This makes the job advert more accessible to people with dyslexia or ADHD, who might be perfect for the role but put off by an advert that was just a wall of text.
  • Key details clearly listed at the top of the posting – Everything from application closing day to hourly pay is listed at the very top, meaning that candidates won’t read on from that point if they don’t think the job will suit them. Again, this prevents wasted time and ensures that everything is out in the open and clear to potential applicants.
  • Strong focus on employee benefits – One of the biggest priorities for people in a job search is the benefits package they’ll receive from the company. Asda breaks these benefits down in a few lines, giving the candidates the type of information they want to see.

Example 5: Direct Line Group ☎️

Introducing Direct Line Group 👋

Direct Line Group is a British insurance company and the owner of brands such as Churchill, Direct Line and Green Flag.

It was formed 9 years ago, following the Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s insurance division divestment.

This creative job posting example is for a permanent part-time role as a Pricing Specialist, with opportunities based in many different locations, from Manchester to Bristol.

What Works? 👌

  • Opens with colour and multimedia, drawing candidates in – This advert starts strong, with an image and a splash of colour. It naturally draws any viewer of the ad in, inviting them to read on and discover more about the role.
  • Bookended by apply buttons, again – Like several other postings on this list, Direct Line Group’s advertisement is bookended by apply buttons, reminding candidates at both ends. These apply buttons stand out on the page, drawing attention like two bright yellow beacons in a landscape that’s pale by comparison.
  • Clearly specified to be a multi-location role, with all locations listed – The six different hiring locations are listed at the top, giving candidates a clear understanding that this is a multi-location role. Yet, still giving the same level of location detail as you would in a single location job advert. No key information is missed, and the candidate is fully informed from the start.
  • Emphasis on employee benefits and visually interesting graphics to illustrate them – Not only are employee benefits emphasised in this job advert, but they’re also given their own graphic with some illustrations to make them stand out on the page as crucial information. Given that we’ve already discussed how much benefits matter to candidates, this was a strong move by Direct Line Group.

Standout Recruitment Starts Here

We hope you’re feeling inspired by all these creative job posting examples.

The main thing to remember is that to attract the best talent, you need to go the extra mile with the candidate experience and your job ads.

And going the extra mile starts with AdBuilder.

Streamline, simplify and nail the job advert writing process with the support of our intuitive software platform.

With AdBuilder in your corner, you won’t look back.

That’s a promise.

Keep raising your recruitment game and discovering valuable hiring insights right here on our blog. 🙋‍♀️⬇️

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