Creating an inclusive hiring process all starts with your job adverts.

Building an inclusive hiring process and becoming an inclusive employer isn't a 'box ticking exercise'. It's about truly evolving your mindset to give job seekers equal opportunities from the hiring process and onwards through employment.

About AdGrader

The part we play.

AdGrader gives you the ability to quickly eliminate any bias or prejudice from your job adverts.

If hiring begins with a job advert then so should inclusion and accessibility.

We are here to support businesses in making the move to becoming a more inclusive business.

However, it takes more than just an inclusive job advert to transform your business and your mindset.

Our focus and niche is within job adverts, but if you need it, we’ll also support you in finding the right training to help your business become in an inclusive employer and eliminate inequality.

The bigger picture.

Job adverts without bias make a brilliant starting point. It’s a big step in the right direction.

But, whilst getting your job adverts right is a really important process, there are other bridges to cross to fully achieve DE&I compliance.

Recruitment is a very human process, meaning every decision needs to be made with equality in mind.

Every opportunity should be accessible for everyone.

Training the mindset of recruitment professionals and leaders is the next step to becoming diverse and inclusive.

That’s not to say you’re on your own to figure it out though, we’re here to help.

About AdGrader

What else can I do to become an inclusive employer?

Here at AdGrader we’ve partnered with other businesses to make your journey of developing D&I initiatives easy to navigate.

Our partners are just as passionate about making successful careers an accessible reality as we are.

We want to make it as easy as possible for recruitment agencies to support and challenge their clients to become inclusive, and we’re here to support direct employers on their inclusivity journey.

So, whoever you are, we’re here to guide you through your eye-opening experience.

See how AdGrader will transform your job adverts.

Open up your job adverts to a pool of candidates you can’t currently unlock by removing unconscious bias you may not be aware of. Become a more diverse and inclusive employer and give fair opportunities to all candidates.

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