"I’ve loved being a part of AdGrader's journey so far, I respect their honest approach and what they are trying to stand for..."

“Seeing recruitment tech solutions like AdGrader step up to the Diversity & Inclusion challenges faced by our sector fills me with optimism – for so long technology has been designed to make us bigger, better, more productive, more efficient – do less, sell more, be more profitable, make more money.

We are finally starting to see the evolution of products designed to break down some of the barriers faced by candidates, and it’s about time! Everybody has the right to a fulfilling and successful career and recruiter bias and preference baked into the recruitment process needs to finally get out of the way.

As many recruitment businesses start to look at their processes and focus on making services more inclusive, they will look to their tech stack providers for solutions, those ahead of the curve who have an authentic mission to improve accessibility and eliminate bias will be at the forefront of driving much needed change across our sector.

I’ve loved being a part of AdGrader’s journey so far, I respect their honest approach and what they are trying to stand for – they don’t claim to have all the answers or an overnight magical solution but are committed to developing the much-needed technology that educates and supports recruiters to do more when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.”

– Jo Major, Founder

About Diversity in Recruitment

Diversity in Recruitment are on a journey to make recruitment accessible to everyone. They are actively helping recruitment teams get to grips with Diversity & Inclusion through direct training in development workshops.

Their advice & recruiter training helps individuals within a business understand their role as a change agent, making Diversity and Inclusion something that just happens within a recruitment business or team.

Diversity in Recruitment

Jo herself has a twenty-year+ career in the Recruitment Industry behind her. Her work has helped to grow businesses, schools, charities and enterprises, and has shaped the careers of some outstanding humans.

Jo has developed strategic CSR, Social Mobility & D&I programmes that build and improve recruitment agency culture, engage employees, attract underrepresented talent and make recruitment businesses better places to work and partner with.

She founded Diversity in Recruitment because of her absolute drive to get D&I on the agenda of recruitment businesses, no matter what their size and capacity – Jo believes that the industry has the opportunity to influence and lead real change.

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See how AdGrader will transform your job advert performance.

Use AdGrader to remove any unconscious bias from your job adverts and see the number of applications to your roles from underrepresented talent increase.

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