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  • Help your clients hit their D&I goals
  • Appeal to a more diverse audience
  • Increase applications to your roles

How AdGrader does it.

Watch the video to see how quick and easy AdGrader is to use and how simply you’ll be able to ensure that all of your agency’s job adverts are fully inclusive.


81.7% of companies need your help.

In a recent survey, 81.7% of companies over 51 employees said that having an inclusive hiring process was incredibly important to them, yet 73% of them had (to date) done nothing about it.

AdGrader gives you the power to help that 73% to easily hit their Diversity and Inclusion goals, meaning more clients and more revenue.


Fill more roles and make more money.

Because AdGrader helps you remove all unconscious bias from your job adverts, it maximises the chance of the ideal candidate applying to your vacancy.

More applications from quality applicants = more money made.

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