Add 3 more candidates to every job advert shortlist.

  • Boost advert response rates
  • Help your clients hit D&I goals
  • Fill more roles, make more money

AdGrader helps recruiters get more relevant applications by uncovering and removing unconscious bias in their job adverts. And you'll be helping your clients be more inclusive with their hiring.

Get more applications, win more clients and make more money with AdGrader.

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Get started with AdGraderBook a consultation call


Recruit with a conscience, fill more roles and make more money.

Because AdGrader helps you remove all unconscious bias from your job adverts, it eliminates any potential inequality and maximises the chance of the ideal candidate applying to your vacancy.

And more applications from the right people means more roles filled, more happy clients, and most importantly, more money made.

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Remove bias
from your job adverts.

The words and language you use in job adverts matters to your clients and potential applicants.

Your clients do not want to be associated with any adverts you post on their behalf that contain any bias or exclusionary language, which could put the perfect person off applying.

AdGrader uncovers any bias in your job adverts and flags every offending term and suggests neutral synonyms to one-click replace them with, maximising your chances of filling the role and keeping your client happy.

See how AdGrader does it →

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Help the 81.7% of companies that want helping.

81.7% of companies over 51 employees said that having an inclusive hiring process was incredibly important to them, yet 73% of them had (to date) done nothing about it.

AdGrader will enable you to help your clients hit their diversity and inclusivity goals, and position your agency as a recruiter with a conscience that they want to do business with.

And in turn you’ll get more jobs from more clients, get on more PSLs and set your agency for the next stage of its growth.

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How AdGrader does it.

Want to see AdGrader in action?

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy AdGrader is to use and how simply you’ll be able to ensure that all of your agency’s job adverts are fully inclusive.

Trusted by recruiters across the world.

Who realised the opportunities that came with being able to help their clients achieve their D&I objectives. AdGrader helped position them as the agency to work with.

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“We saw a big jump in applications to our job adverts after we started using AdGrader which meant we had 3 additional candidates on every shortlist we presented to our clients. Plus, having AdGrader at our disposal saw each member of our new business team sign up 7 extra clients per month and helped us increase our monthly revenue by £57,000, or 31%. AdGrader is so simple to use yet the benefits to us have been massive.”
Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Coburg Banks

Simple pricing, no surprises.

We’ve got packages to suit recruitment agencies of every shape and size. Choose the from three standard packages we offer, and get in touch if you need more users.

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See how AdGrader will transform your recruitment agency.

Use AdGrader to position your business as a recruitment agency with a conscience who wants to help their clients meet their D&I objectives. Win more roles, get on more PSLs, attract better applications and ultimately make more money.

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