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Remove any bias from your job adverts.

The words and language you use in job adverts matter to your clients and potential applicants.

Your clients do not want to be associated with any adverts you post on their behalf that contain any exclusionary language.

And if your advert contains any unconscious bias then you may put the perfect person off applying. For instance, you’ll see a 10% reduction in applications from women to a masculine-coded advert.

AdGrader flags every offending term and suggests neutral synonyms to one-click replace them with, maximising your chances of filling the role and keeping your client happy.

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See how AdGrader will transform your recruitment agency.

Use AdGrader to position your business as an empathetic recruitment agency who wants to help their clients meet their D&I objectives. Win more roles, get on more PSLs, attract better applications and ultimately make more money.

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