Your ultimate solution to removing unconscious bias from job adverts in less than 5 minutes.

AdGrader allows you to quickly identify and remove unconscious bias within your job adverts by highlighting and suggesting inclusive replacement words or phrases. Watch this video to see how it works.

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The three AdGrader steps to creating inclusive job adverts:

#1. Paste or import your job advert into AdGrader.

AdGrader then scans your text in real time against tens of thousands of terms for any unconscious bias. It looks for a range of biased terms in your advert in the following broad areas:

Gender bias is one of the most influential areas that coded language influences.

AdGrader will notify you if your job advert is heavily masculine or feminine coded and will suggest words you could change in order to balance it out.

AdGrader will notify the user of any racially exclusionary or offensive terms that may have been used in the content of the job advert, and will either suggest an alternative word or phrase or will simply suggest removing it.

Educational and experience bias is wording your job advert to sound as though someone needs to have achieved a certain qualification or have x years experience in order to apply for the role.

Disability bias is a big area of unconscious bias that we focus on in order to ensure job adverts don’t exclude anyone who may have a disability of any kind.

Age bias fits in well with experience and educational bias as a lot of the time you’ll see information or news based around younger people struggling to find work due to lack of experience.

However, the same applies to the older generation too. Who’s to say that age should matter? Age exclusion is all down to judgement by stereotypes.

#2. Tweak your advert.

After scanning your job advert, AdGrader will highlight any word or phrase which it considers to be potentially gender-coded or discriminatory in some way. It then suggests neutral alternatives which you can replace them with in one click to allow you to remove any unconscious bias from your job advert.

Not only that, but it will also check how easy your job advert is to read.

As you make changes to your advert, you’ll see your Inclusivity and Readability scores change. Aim for a minimum 85% Inclusivity score and 80% Readability score, and you’ll be well on the way to making your job advert as inclusive as possible.

#3. Copy your final selection and publish it to your chosen job board.

Once you’re happy with any edits or tweaks you’ve made to your job advert, hit the copy to clipboard button or export it out as a .doc, and then paste it directly into the job description section of your chosen job board.

All you need to do then is hit the publish button, and wait for the applications to come flooding into your inbox!

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“AdGrader is a fantastic tool to help any company get rid of potential problem words in their job adverts. Words you’d never consider could cause a problem seemingly do – after we started using AdGrader, the number of applications we received went up by 27%.”
Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Coburg Banks

See how AdGrader will transform your job advert performance.

Use AdGrader to remove any unconscious bias from your job adverts and see the number of applications to your roles increase.

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